Introducing HandEnergy

Charge your phone anywhere and anytime.

Made for your bag

Small. Handy. Compact.
It’s an inalienable part of your bag, like your keys or wallet.

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Control your energy

Thanks to a special feature in our App, you can control the difficulty of rotation, generating required power in a comfortable regime.

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Also a game controller

HandEnergy is not just a generator of electricity, it’s also a game controller!


Thanks to the accelerometer, besides using our device in different games.

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Charge anything you want

We have made sure that all of your mobile devices are "energy" secured.

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Green energy

With the help of HandEnergy you generate green, eco-friendly energy, which doesn’t bring harm to you or the surrounding environment.

HandEnergy App

Connect with friends. Follow the statistics. Train. Compete. Win prizes. Control your device.

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Become a VIP

Buy today and receive a lifetime VIP status with all the possible bonuses now and then

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Use it as a powerbank

Charge HandEnegry as a regular power bank with any USB slot or a socket.

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