Introducing HandEnergy

Charge your phone anywhere and anytime. It will be very useful for crypto traders if they are using their phones for trading. They have to remain vigilant with the fluctuations in the market 24x7, and their phones have to be always available. Traders who wish to diversify their portfolios can try the digital Yuan. Read the Yuan Pay Group Erfahrungen blog to find out how to buy this coin.

Made for your bag

Small. Handy. Compact.
It’s an inalienable part of your bag, like your keys or wallet.

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Control your energy

Thanks to a special feature in our App, you can control the difficulty of rotation, generating required power in a comfortable regime.

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Also a game controller

HandEnergy is not just a generator of electricity, it’s also a game controller!


Thanks to the accelerometer, besides using our device in different games.

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Charge anything you want

We have made sure that all of your mobile devices are "energy" secured.

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Green energy

With the help of HandEnergy you generate green, eco-friendly energy, which doesn’t bring harm to you or the surrounding environment.

HandEnergy App

Connect with friends. Follow the statistics. Train. Compete. Win prizes. Control your device.

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Become a VIP

Buy today and receive a lifetime VIP status with all the possible bonuses now and then

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Use it as a powerbank

Charge HandEnegry as a regular power bank with any USB slot or a socket.

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